Candyman ~ Netflix

Candyman is another one of my favorite horror films that came out of the 90s. I remember renting this at Blockbuster & watching it with my friends during a sleepover & being utterly terrified. Of course, I’ve seen it so many times over the years, that it’s no longer scary, but has become one of my favorites.

The film is about a woman, Helen, researching urban legends as part of her thesis at the University of Chicago. One of the legends she learns of is of the Candyman, who appears after saying his name 5 times while looking in the mirror. When he is summoned, he guts the person with his hook for a hand. The stories of Candyman told by students & staff around campus brings Helen to Cabrini Green, a housing project in the city where several brutal murders have occurred over the years that have simply been attributed to gang violence.

Candyman still holds up well today & Tony Todd is still just as creepy… And I still have a hard time watching anything with him in it anymore. It is creepy & gory & has enough jump scares to keep you on edge.

Scream ~ Netflix

It’s been at least 5 or 6 years since I last watched Scream. I think I have watched it at least 15 times, if not more, since it was released and it is still as good as I remember. Scream is the classic horror slasher film of the 90s. With over 475k audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a solid 79% score. If you’re not familiar, Scream is a Wes Craven film. Wes Craven is a horror legend, responsible for some of the best horror films, including the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

Scream is kind of a spoof of the whole teen slasher movie horror genre, but is still its own scary movie. The movie takes place in the town of Woodsboro where a psycho killer, aka Ghost Face, stalks & taunts his victims before brutally murdering them. Although a classic slasher flick, Scream isn’t all that gory & leaves the brutality to your imagination. Scream offers an excellent cast & is one of the best campy horror movies ever…and has some of the best sequels to a film.

The Witch ~ Netflix

So I was not a fan of this movie. I have yet to find a witch film that is scary and hoped this one would be the one. Sadly, this was not the case & I was very underwhelmed, despite the rave reviews I’ve read. I appreciate slow burn type films that build up to the scarier moments, and leave you with an unsettled feeling, rather then relying on jump scares, but this just didn’t do that at all.

The film begins with a family ousted from their plantation, so they build their homestead on the edge of the forest. Pretty soon, strange & unsettling things begin to happen to the family & around their home. The eldest daughter, Thomasin, is babysitting her newborn brother when he is suddenly taken by some type of creature off into the woods. As the strange (not scary) things are happening, the parents accuse Thomasin of being a witch. But the whole movie I felt I was just trying to understand what the hell they were talking or arguing about half the time & just waiting for something to happen.

I’m not suggesting to not watch this movie. You may enjoy it. I’m just warning you that it is 90+ minutes of your life you won’t get back if you thought it was as bad as I did. The critics loved it with a 90% on the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, but the audience score was a dismal 58%. And that it much more accurate.

A bonus review I found on Rotten Tomatoes that I found hilarious as this guy really hated this movie & I just have to share it as it. Although I didn’t hate it as much as he clearly does. You will find a lot of reviews like this one too. I wished I had read more of the bad ones then the good. I might not have wasted my time on this movie.

31 Days of Horror

This time of year has always been my favorite since I was a kid. I love all things horror & Halloween related. My dad introduced me to the horror genre back in the 80s by renting the first Nightmare on Elm Street when he got our first VCR. I think I was about 7 at the time. My dad did a pretty good job of explaining how it was just a movie, & that there was nothing to be afraid of. My dad regularly brought home scary movies, and then it evolved into him trying to find the worst B movie horror films he could find all through middle school & high school. I remember watching such fine flicks as Basket Case & Chopping Mall.

As Evil Husband is not a fan of the horror movie genre, despite the fact that he enjoys The Walking Dead, is a huge Stephen King fan, and loves haunted houses (I don’t get it either), I have fallen out of my yearly October ritual of watching all things horror.  I’ve watched the staples on Halloween or the few days leading up, but not like I used to. I lived for AMC’s Fear Fest every year when I was younger. But, now we have Netflix & Hulu and a whole streaming world of horribly awesome horror flicks to choose from.

So, I’ve decided to do a 31 Days of Horror movie marathon. All recommendations are currently on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or Pluto TV.  I used the Dreadit movie guide from r/horror & recommendations from r/NetflixBestOf on Reddit, as well as this list on Letterboxd for Amazon Prime. And some are just my a few of favorite horror movies from when I was a kid.

I will try to post my reviews as I watch each movie, but there may be a few posts with multiple reviews. The list is comprised of horror classics & newer films that I have never seen. Not listed, but are the staples of horror & must watch films around Halloween are of course the Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street & Friday the 13th films.

Bonus recommendation for a super scary TV series is The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix if you have not watched it. Hill House is by far one of the best horror shows I have ever watched & legit made me scream out loud. And for the record, it takes a lot to scare me.

#31DaysOfHorror Films