31 Days of Horror Review: Annihilation


I am kicking myself for watching this movie before reading the Southern Reach trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer, the series for which the movie is based. But, to be honest, it is so far down my “want to read” list I may be 80 before I get to it & I really wanted to watched this movie. And it wasn’t too bad.

Natalie Portman plays Lena, a biologist that is pulled into an expedition with four other women into Area X, an area of land that is preceded by a shimmering “wall” & the laws of nature do not apply. Lena & the rest of the team are investigating what happened to her husband & his team inside Area X.

It’s a science fiction film, so it isn’t scary in the classic horror sense, but the mutated landscape they discover is unnerving & the creatures they encounter are terrifying. The creature that resembles something of a bear is serious nightmare fuel. That will be my only spoiler.

Annihilation was entertaining & the world beyond the shimmer was beautiful in an unsettling way. It isn’t the greatest movie, but it did keep me off my phone, so that deserves a solid rating from me.

31 Days of Horror Review: Rosemary's Baby


I am a terrible horror movie fan as I have never seen this movie, which is why it has been added to my list this year. I am going to start my review off by saying this is not a greatest or scariest film in the traditional sense. Mia Farrow is seriously adorable in this movie. While the acting is a bit cheesy, Mia plays the innocent, naive pregnant woman perfectly. Forget about the scary fact of potentially having the devil’s baby, being a woman in this film is the most terrifying part of this film.

The film begins with Rosemary & her husband moving into an NYC apartment building of wealthy elites…mostly of the geriatric age. Rosemary, a stay at home wife of her actor husband, befriends a young woman living with one of the elderly couples in the building. Shortly after their encounter, the woman jumps to her death outside the front of their NYC building. The elderly couple latches onto Rosemary right away, and at first her husband quite objects to this friendship.

Rosemary’s husband’s sudden change of heart with regard to her friendship with geriatric couple is red flag #1. The fact that husband despised them and is now BFF’s with the elderly couple, without Rosemary is major warning signs. And he does not like her hanging out with her former friends. Also, some more weird shit happens, including death of her friend & husband lands a lead role due to the main actor suffering from an “accident” … and we’re at red flags #2 through #5. Oh, and the bonus part of her husband ripping a book about witches out of her hands, telling her she shouldn’t be reading is like an air traffic controller, plus the dudes on ground and a road closure signs all pointing in the direction of get the hell out ASAP.

**Spoilers** She finally does leave!! But only long enough for her husband to be called to come collect the hysterical pregnant woman. Sorry, not sorry for spoiling this, but seriously this is what terrified me the most. An 8+ month pregnant woman is terrified of her husband & her creepy OBGYN & has no one to turn to for help. Her much younger friends recommend for her to go to another doctor that she eventually goes to for help, only for her only hope to call her husband, who in turn calls creepy OBGYN, to come collect her.

But seriously, the worst ending to a film EVER. I won’t ruin it.. well maybe I will. I will give up enough to say the build up of this entire movie ends up with the lamest ending to a horror film ever.

**Side note** If you are not familiar with this film, it is a cult classic for more then one reason. The film is directed by the notorious Roman Polanski, the widow of Sharon Tate who was murdered by followers of the Charles Manson. Polanski was later charged in 1978 of the rape of a 13 year old girl, which he ended up pleading guilty to a lesser charge for. The day before his sentencing, he fled to France & has avoided extradition for his alleged crimes.

But here is the really weird trailer for the film…..

Book Review: Supernova Era

Supernova Era by Liu Cixin


What a interesting & intriguing plot. A star in space burns out & causes catastrophic damage on Earth, the most devastating being that everyone over the age of 13 will die, leaving the entire world to be ran by children.

Now I cannot comment on the science part of this novel with relation to the Dead Star that travels to Earth that creates the supernova event, or the explanation of the event damaging the DNA of those over the age of 13. Suspension of disbelief is important to me when reading because books bring you into world where anything is possible and this is one of those novels.

The adults are left to teach the children as much as they can about everything from driving to running the power station to running the government. The one thing that took me out of the story a bit is that I felt the kids dialogue didn’t sound a lot like how 11 & 12 years old would talk, but then again, they did get thrown into becoming adults quite soon. I think maybe the fact this is a translated novel might be another reason.

What the adults imagine the world the children will run is a world of peace & harmony. And we soon find out what really happens if children were left in charge of running the entire world.

I really enjoyed this book. Sci-fi is not my usual genre, but it was an entertaining read & the plot was unique. I found myself wanting to read more about the children’s world & how they continue to progress when it ended.

Thank you to BookishFirst & Tor/Forge Books for the advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

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31 Days of Horror Review: The Babysitter


This movie was not on my original list. I switched it out as I had Evil Dead II following Evil Dead, but as I have seen both just way too many times & I decided I wanted something new & fresh. And well, I found another comedy-horror film and it didn’t totally suck.

I found it amusing that I switched out a 1980s comedy-horror film about demon possession to a 2018 comedy-horror about devil worship. The premise is a group of stereotypical attractive teenagers perform a ritual sacrifice whilst one of the members of group, Bee, is babysitting a kid,who is really too old for a babysitter. And as he is too old, he has a major crush on Bee & decides to spy on her & the group’s festivities. And…spoiler alert.. they all try to kill him.

I really didn’t mean to fall into the campy comedy-horror again when I picked this movie. I’m trying to capture all the horror genres, but this film stuck out to me as something I’d rather watch than Evil Dead II. And I’m happy with my choice. It didn’t suck.

31 Days of Horror Review: Evil Dead


Evil Dead is the cult classic horror film that has spawned multiple movies & the TV series, Ash vs Evil Dead. Evil Dead films are the quintessential movies of horror-comedy genre. I’ve seen it best described as “slapstick gore.”

So, like most horror movie plots of the 70s & 80s, Evil Dead follows the same plot line of a group of teenagers/young adult partying it up in a cabin in the woods & everyone dies (spoilers I guess) except the one with common sense… the lone survivor. However, Evil Dead isn’t a slasher film of the 80s, but demons & demonic possession.

There are good horror movies & there are bad horror movies. Bad horror movies, to me, are the ones that try way too hard to be edgy & gory. But then there are the ones that are bad on purpose. And that is Evil Dead.

I enjoy all horror from the scary AF to the cheesy B movies that are straight to VHS/DVD. If you are a fan of the cheesy, not taking itself too seriously horror films, you will enjoy Evil Dead. And all the rest of them.

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