What is a Recreational Hobbyist?

About two months ago I decided I wanted to start writing a blog. But I know myself. I am the queen of starting a new hobby & moving on to something new within a few months. For two months, I mulled over what the hell I would write a blog about. I’m really not interesting or do anything special to warrant any type of “lifestyle blog.” I work full-time, I’m a mom, and the only hobbies I really have stuck with is reading and playing video games.

Then it hit me. I hobby recreationally. Every so often, when the motivation hits me, I decide I want to try something new. Spice up my life a little bit. For example, I told everyone I wanted those adult coloring books for Christmas last year. I ended up getting some pretty awesome coloring books, like the Game of Thrones coloring book. I got the highly recommended Prismacolor colored pencils set too. I posted a pic of the coloring books & pencils to Instagram, informing everyone through hashtags of how excited I was to start my new hobby. I colored a couple of pictures and a month later, my new hobby was abandoned. A year later, those coloring books are still in the same spot I left them in my office.

So I decided to take my recreational hobbying to a new level. I’ve decided to try out a new hobby every month & blog about my experience. And maybe find something along the way I can stick with (hopefully that something will be this blog!) Nothing will be off-limits. I will try everything from magic tricks to quilting and maybe even whittling.

The first hobby for my blog will be cross stitching. I should have started with something a little easier, but this particular hobby was the catalyst behind my blog idea. When I first mentioned to my family I wanted to learn to cross stitch, I was met with laughs and rolling eyes. They know the routine.

I will post updates throughout my recreational hobbying as to how well or not well I’m doing, whether or not I enjoy it and helpful blogs or sites I used to assist me along the way. As I am learning the ropes of a beginner cross stitcher, my first couple posts will be my two hobbies I have never faltered from, reading & gaming.