#5onFriday: 5 blogs to follow on WordPress

I have been in a weird kind of head space since the stay at home orders hit here in the U.S. & haven’t felt much like writing. I think the fog has finally lifted as I have been jotting down all kinds of ideas the past few days for blog posts & I hope I’m back on track. One of my random thoughts was a sort of “top 5” type post, but I didn’t want to really to be specifically a “top 5, ” so #5onFriday”was born.

What is #5onFriday?

Basically, post 5 random things at 5:00PM (your time) on Friday that you did, read, watched, played, etc. Since Friday night is the beginning of the weekend, and pre-quarantine, people would go out to dinner, bars, or just hang out with friends, I thought this might be a good way for others to find ideas for things to do, games to play, shows or movies to watch. You can post 5 outdoor things you did this week. Or 5 movies you watched with your kids. Or the last 5 books you read. Or 5 new recipes you want to cook this week. Or your 5 favorite video games to play. Pretty much whatever you want.

My #5onFriday

This week for my #5onFriday, I decided to highlight some of my fellow WP bloggers that have been following me for quite a while now & providing great content. So, for some Friday night blog reading, check out these blogs….

  1. The Restless Wild: Liz is an outdoor photography & adventure blogger. She runs, she bikes, she rock climbs. All kinds of outdoor adventures.
  2. Diary of The Mad Katter: Katrina’s blog focuses on her life journey through anxiety & depression.
  3. The Curious Atheist: Rebekah is a former Lutheran turned atheist blogging about life, religion & human origin.
  4. Gamers United GG Blog: Luna has gaming blog full of reviews & all sorts of wonderfully geeky things to enjoy!
  5. Roof Beam Reader: A.W. Burgess’ blog is about “a writer & his reading.” Right now, his “Nevada Covid Diaries” posts are worth a read.


2 Comments on “#5onFriday: 5 blogs to follow on WordPress

  1. Oh this is such a great idea! I love how you decided to share your favorite bloggers for this post! So sweet!

    Liked by 1 person

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