Book Review: The End of the Ocean by Maja Lunde

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The End of the Ocean: A Novel by Maja Lunde

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The End of the Ocean tells the story of the impact of climate change through the perspective of two narrators, Signe in 2017 & David & his daughter, Lou, in 2041. Signe grows up in a lovely glacial village in Norway, where she learns environmental activism from her father, putting her at odds with her mother & several others in her village. Signe has spent her entire life protesting environmental causes & returns to her home village in 2017, when she learns that the glaciers are being harvested for “glacier ice cubes” sold to the rich elite around the world. Furious that someone from her own village would destroy the glacier, Signe creates a plan of protest that takes her to France in her sailboat.

The second storyline follows David & Lou in 2041 in France. Climate change has caused widespread droughts & famine all over the world. By this time, it has 5 years since the last rainfall & wildfires are breaking out causing David, his wife Anna, & their 2 children, Lou & August to flee their home. Amid the chaos fleeing the ravaging fires, David & Lou become separated from Anna & August. However, they have a plan to meet at a refugee camp. David & Lou arrive at an overcrowded camp that lacks fundamental resources. While waiting for Anna & August to arrive, David & Lou fill their days with searching the neighboring houses to relieve the boredom of the camp life. It is during these daily searches that they come upon a sailboat, tying the two stories together. While Signe was on a mission to save the planet, David & Lou are trying to survive it. Signe thinks she fails in her mission, but her actions have a huge impact on David & Lou’s fight for survival.

What I Loved: Excellent writing & the alternating story lines keep the story well-paced. Both the characters, Signe & David, are each flawed in their own ways & are relatable.

What I Didn’t: I didn’t want it to end. I desperately want to know what happens next.

Climate change is an important issue our society is facing & this story reveals the devastating impact that is our near future. The End of the Ocean is thought-provoking, terrifying & a must read.

I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through NetGalley.

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