Sunshine Blogger Award!!

Thank you….

What an unexpected thing to see your blog mentioned on Twitter as a nominee for the Sunshine Blogger Award! A huge thank you to Beth Gray over at Panutopia. She has a very unique blog about the social and political issues in Panama, and what she envisions it could be. Be sure to go & check it out!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging site.
  2. List the Sunshine Blogger Award rules and display the logo on your site.
  3. Answer the Sunshine Blogger Award questions.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  5. Notify the nominees about their nominations.

My Questions:

  1. When did you start blogging?  I started my blog back in 2017. I thought it would be a great way to get back into writing again.
  2. What is your writing inspiration? Life.
  3. If you had one wish, what would it be? I wish people would have more respect for our environment & be proactive about how much their actions & ambivalence impact everyone else. We are destroying our planet every day & I wish more people actually cared.
  4. Are you a full-time writer/blogger? Sadly, no. Maybe someday?!
  5. What is your favourite music?  I love rock & mostly 90s grunge/rock.
  6. If you could travel in a time machine where would you go? Woodstock 1969.
  7. Would you ever bungee-jump or sky-dive? Yes. To both.
  8. Name your favourite dessert.  This is the toughest question on this list. It is a tie between creme brulee & a good carrot cake.
  9. In the evening, would you rather play a game, visit a friend/relative, watch a movie, or read? Read. Number 1 choice always. Second, play a game.
  10. Who is your hero? IRL: No one. Honestly, to elevate a real life person to hero status only leads to disappointment. Everyone has flaws & will disappoint you at some point. In movie world, Captain Marvel is one bad ass bitch & my Marvel hero.
  11. Three random facts. I have 2 dogs. I love cheese. I hate snow.

My Nominations:

After careful consideration, I nominate the following bloggers & their blogs:

  1. Dark Blue Journal
  2. They Once Called Her Pumpkin…
  3. natachainreviewland
  4. Ham ‘N Eggs
  5. ArtieCarden
  6. The Girl in All Leopard
  7. My Forty Something Life
  8. Big Ideas for a Tiny Writer
  9. NishanBooks
  10. My Midnight Musing
  11. By Hook Or By Book

Questions for My Nominees:

  1. What is your favorite time of the year?
  2. If you could travel to any country, where would you go?
  3. What is your favorite TV show you are watching right now?
  4. How often do you write other then for blog posts?
  5. Coffee or Tea?
  6. What is your all time favorite book?
  7. What is your favorite blog post?
  8. What is the one thing you love about blogging?
  9. What is one thing you can’t live without?
  10. What is your favorite food?
  11. What is your biggest blogging accomplishment?

Please go check out all my nominees! Thank you again Beth for the nomination! And if you want some other awesome blogs to check out, here is Beth’s Sunshine Blogger Award post with my fellow nominees!

5 Comments on “Sunshine Blogger Award!!

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! It means so much being new that someone appreciates my hardwork! Congrats on your nomination as well! I hope to create great things together in the future!

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  2. Pingback: Sunshine Blogger Award – My Forty Something Life

  3. Congratulations on your nomination! I love reading bloggers’ responses to random questions. Through your responses, I see some similarities between us. We practically have the same wish! And I replied to a similar time-traveling question saying I’ll travel to US in the ’60s. I think our answers were pretty close considering the other alternatives available.
    Thanks for nominating me and I’m looking forward to answering your questions!

    Julie |

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