Book Review: The Toilet Zone by Bret McCormick

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The Toilet Zone by Bret McCormick

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I will be completely honest…I almost declined reading this book. I’m ashamed to admit, I totally judged a book by its title. But I’m glad I changed my mind & gave it a chance. The 32 short stories in this anthology are very well written & quite a few are scary as hell.

The premise of the book is each story is just long enough for your daily trip to the bathroom & each story has a reminder at the end to make sure you wash your hands. Although I am not sure I’d really recommend reading this in the bathroom, as I kept reading to the point that my legs probably would have gone numb. I enjoyed almost every story, but there were a few stand out stories that actually gave me nightmares… which is kind of difficult to do.

My 3 favorite stories:
1. The Itch by Mark Towse
2. Reclaimed by DJ Tyler
3. Crow by Ian Bain

I want to go into detail about each story, but since they’re short stories, detailed reviews will ruin it. I will leave it at this… The stories are nightmare fuel. It’s that itch you can’t scratch. It’s Mother Nature closing in. And it’s the curse you can’t escape.

*Thank you to Hellbound Books for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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