Book Review: Supernova Era by Cixin Liu

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Supernova Era by Liu Cixin

Rating: 3 out of 5.

What a interesting & intriguing plot. A star in space burns out & causes catastrophic damage on Earth, the most devastating being that everyone over the age of 13 will die, leaving the entire world to be ran by children.

Now I cannot comment on the science part of this novel with relation to the Dead Star that travels to Earth that creates the supernova event, or the explanation of the event damaging the DNA of those over the age of 13. Suspension of disbelief is important to me when reading because books bring you into world where anything is possible and this is one of those novels.

The adults are left to teach the children as much as they can about everything from driving to running the power station to running the government. The one thing that took me out of the story a bit is that I felt the kids dialogue didn’t sound a lot like how 11 & 12 years old would talk, but then again, they did get thrown into becoming adults quite soon. I think maybe the fact this is a translated novel might be another reason.

What the adults imagine the world the children will run is a world of peace & harmony. And we soon find out what really happens if children were left in charge of running the entire world.

I really enjoyed this book. Sci-fi is not my usual genre, but it was an entertaining read & the plot was unique. I found myself wanting to read more about the children’s world & how they continue to progress when it ended.

Thank you to BookishFirst & Tor/Forge Books for the advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

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