#31DaysofHorror: The Babysitter

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This movie was not on my original list. I switched it out as I had Evil Dead II following Evil Dead, but as I have seen both just way too many times & I decided I wanted something new & fresh. And well, I found another comedy-horror film and it didn’t totally suck.

I found it amusing that I switched out a 1980s comedy-horror film about demon possession to a 2018 comedy-horror about devil worship. The premise is a group of stereotypical attractive teenagers perform a ritual sacrifice whilst one of the members of group, Bee, is babysitting a kid,who is really too old for a babysitter. And as he is too old, he has a major crush on Bee & decides to spy on her & the group’s festivities. And…spoiler alert.. they all try to kill him.

I really didn’t mean to fall into the campy comedy-horror again when I picked this movie. I’m trying to capture all the horror genres, but this film stuck out to me as something I’d rather watch than Evil Dead II. And I’m happy with my choice. It didn’t suck.

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